A beautiful smile can boost your self-image and improve your romantic life. It is the very foundation of a new you. A white smile can make an immense difference in your overall appearance of your teeth and self confidence. Smile By Design NY.com

At Smile By Design NY, Dr. Turnier believes believes that a beautiful smile is unique, it tells the world about you.  It fosters communication, vitality and goodwill.  A beautiful smile conveys happiness and a general well-being and indicates confidence, success and friendship.

A beautiful smile can improve your personal and professional relationships. Make a positive and memorable statement to those you meet with a bright, beautiful and spontaneous smile.

The revelation is simple but startling.  A beautiful smile throughout history has been a way to gain attention, maybe even more power.  If it is seductive power you are after or looking to improve your position in the competitive world of romance and business, the transformation can be startling.  Although a smile along with an inviting look can be seductive and enjoyable, they should never dominate your appearance.  The smile must look alluring and yet subtle.  It must not be too obvious and direct. A beautiful smile dazzles but must be harmonious with all the ornaments that draws attention.  Namely, the clothing, the hair, the eyes and by combining these qualities, the effect can be quite amazing.

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Back to Basics: Effective Flossing

You know how it goes: you visit the dental office, and Dr.Turnier advises you to floss more often. Perhaps your I may find a spot of mild gum disease, giving you even more reason to start flossing regularly. The truth is, you really can’t maintain long-term oral health without flossing, and brushing play a big role in a healthy smile, but nothing gets between teeth and below the gum line like flossing.

Part of the problem for some is that they don’t know how to floss properly. Many people think they’re supposed to pop the floss in and out between teeth and use the floss as a way to simply dislodge pieces of food that have become stuck. In reality, flossing helps remove the invisible bacteria that live on your teeth and around your gums. That’s why flossing every day is so vital. You might not see anything on the string of floss when you’re done, but that doesn’t mean the floss isn’t working. In fact, flossing regularly can help you avoid the buildup of that white, gooey stuff (a mixture of mucus and bacteria known as materia alba to your dentist) that you might sometimes see on your floss if it’s been a while.

So, now that you know why you should floss every day (yes — every day!), let’s talk about the best techniques to get the job done well.
Flossing 101

First, wind the floss around your middle fingers, not your index fingers. Your index fingers need to be free to act as guides for the floss. Wind the floss so there’s a one- to two-inch section between your fingers.

Keeping the floss pulled taunt, use your index fingers to lead the floss between your teeth. Be gentle — don’t pop the floss in between teeth, but do it slowly.

Once the floss is between teeth, lead it slowly up and down, pressing against the sides of each tooth. Pull the floss around the curve of each tooth so that all the sides are scrubbed. Lead the floss down below the gum line slowly. This part is especially important. Part of the reason flossing is so essential is that dental floss can get below the gum line in ways that brushing alone cannot.

When you’re done flossing between two teeth, move on to the space between the next two teeth with a clean section of floss.

Make sure you floss behind your back molars as well!

Gum disease causes gum and bone loss, eventually leading to tooth loss. Floss every day to help yourself avoid complex dental care problems in the future!

Keeping a Great Body

What we would like to know is how you can get that great body?

1) No more Carbs after 8 PM
Eat much carbohydrates after your workout, but never after 8 PM

2) Take Supplements
creatine, L-glutamine, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), whey, and multivitamin.

3) Diet Menu

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of egg whites, 1 cup of sugarless oatmeal, some “good” fat like a spoon of almond butter or slice of avocado.
Midmorning snack: protein bar
Lunch: albacore tuna wrap or chicken and salad
Mid-afternoon snack: protein bar, protein shake (whey and water) or apple and almonds
Dinner: broiled fish or chicken, brown rice, vegetables, and salad
Evening Snack: protein shake

So, as you see, lots of protein, and plenty of carbs, too.
Here is an example of healthy daily diet:

5 egg whites and 1½ cups fruit salad

2 cups of vegetable soup; large salad with ¾ cup chickpeas, ¼ cup sun-dried tomatoes, ½ avocado and 3 tablespoons balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing

3 cups vegetables grilled with olive oil, 1½ cups brown rice

This diet adds up to 1 450 calories, 46g of fat, 219g of carbohydrates, 57g protein and 63g of sugar.

You can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but she also get protein from chick peas and beans. Most Americans were raised to believe they needed dairy products for calcium and meat products for protein and iron, when in fact, these food groups are only “A” source of calcium, protein iron, not “the” source. It is still, however, debatable when no meat diet is good for you.

Try not to eats fast foods. After I saw the documentary called Food Inc, I decided to swear off fast food for life. I do have a weakness, “Delicious, warm soft croissant is an indulgence of mine,” Dr. Turnier says.

Eat foods that make you feel good afterward so choose foods like almond milk, grilled fish, spinach and you can put aloe vera in your juices.

healthy eating habits can begin today and make it your goal and your reward will be that if you are looking good then you will be feeling good so you will want to do good.

Seldom we will see one model will do well in both lines. One tend to focus only in either of them.


A catwalk model is normally thin whereas fitness model has athletic physique with low body fat and toned muscles. Many catwalk models have starved themselves or suffering from eating disorders with their skeleton body shape, especially female models. Few even died because of Anorexia Nervosa.

Between the catwalk model and fitness model, I will choose a fitness model as the motivation force for my fitness goals – low body fat, nice muscle tone or having six-pack. Having said that, keep comparing our bodies to these fitness models can be unproductive.

5 Reasons Why Fitness Models Always Look awesome

Fitness models work out hard with great discipline. They have strict diet too.
Modeling is their career. So, the priority is different from us.
Most of the photos have been touched up before they are used for the posters or advertisements. The six-pack abs may not be as toned as in real life.

In fact, some fitness models have undergone plastic surgery on their teeth, breasts, face and other body parts. I am not saying all, but some have very low body fat yet their breasts are huge.
Also, most models take the picture when they are at their peak physical condition. Many hours before taking the picture, they have to cut the water intake. By doing so, they get water out from underneath the skin to show off their best physique.